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Columbus Division of Police

Halt Auto Break Ins

The Columbus Division of Police would like to take this opportunity to remind citizens to get in the habit of taking opportunity away from criminals when it comes to your vehicles.
Criminals are opportunists and as such, look for opportunities to take what they need. Roaming area parking lots and streets often provides numerous opportunities to steal laptops, cell phones and even purses or wallets inadvertently left in cars.
Assuming that because car windows are completely closed or doors locked only provide a false sense of security. Criminals often utilize the “smash and grab” technique of smashing a window, grabbing the items of value from the car that are readily accessible and running. This process takes only minutes and is witnessed by no one. The owner returns to their car to find a broken window and their values gone.
Getting in the habit of securing valuables while away from your vehicle helps to take away the opportunity criminals need to target you.
When possible, take your valuables with you. Laptop computers, purses, briefcases, GPS units, garage door openers, cell phones and other small electronics are easy and popular targets for thieves.
If you must leave your valuables in your car, secure them out of sight in a locked compartment or trunk.
Always roll up your windows and lock your vehicle.
Report any suspicious activity to the police immediately.
Visit the Columbus Division of Police website at www.columbuspolice.org for information on forming a block watch in your community and for safety tips to keep you and yours safe!

Date: 3:16:48 PM 10/27/2011 CDT


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