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Columbus Division of Police

Columbus Police Foundation

The Columbus Police Foundation, Inc., (the Foundation), was incorporated in 2009 in the State of Ohio and is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible.

To make the Columbus Division of Police the best community supported law enforcement agency in the nation.
Mission Statement
To promote public safety by providing resources and support to enhance Columbus Division of Police effectiveness.

 To improve public safety in Columbus by sponsoring programs that improve professionalism within the Columbus Division of Police
 To improve communications between the police and the community
 To improve technology
 To improve personnel development and well being
 To improve law enforcement proficiency through increased training

The Foundation depends entirely on the generosity of corporations, individuals, foundations and philanthropic organizations for project and operating budgets. It receives no tax-levy dollars for its operations. The Division has authorized the Foundation to seek funding from private sources to support police initiatives. The Foundation does not solicit by phone nor provide goods or services in exchange for support.
The Foundation supports innovative projects and activities to improve public safety that the City cannot fund. The Foundation receives gifts and donations of goods, services and equipment to benefit the Division. Its project agenda is developed in collaboration with and in response to needs articulated by the Division. Substantive program areas include:
 promoting law enforcement proficiency,
 encouraging community support and understanding, and
 fostering personnel development and well-being.

The Foundation encourages innovative pilot, experimental and short-term projects.

The Foundation does not support expenditures for:
1) Refreshments or entertainment not related to a Foundation project.
2) Division of Police salaries
3) Vehicles
4) Lethal weapons
5) Standard police uniform and equipment

Donations of equipment, goods and services are accepted subject to review by the Division of Police and its determination that the donation is needed and donor conditions, if any, are acceptable. Anyone interested in donating equipment, goods or services should forward a letter to the Foundation of their intentions including a description of the donation, how it will be used by the Division and an estimation of the fair market value.
White Hats is a program within the Columbus Police Foundation. The Corporation will provide assistance during times of need to the families of law enforcement officers who lost their lives or have become permanently or totally disabled while they were actively employed as law enforcement officers of the City of Columbus. All benefits are administered in accordance with the policies established by the Columbus Police Foundation’s Board of Directors. Discretionary assistance is need-based.

Additional information will be forthcoming detailing the procedures for funding grants and programs requested by the Division of Police.

Date: 10:08:21 AM 03/28/2012 CDT


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